May (blackrose74) wrote in ilegenes,

Scanlation team - recruiting raw provider for chapters 28-30

Hi I'm part of L.O.V.E. Scanlations and we're looking for a raw provider for chapters 28-30 of this series.

If you can or know someone who can provide us HQ scans of the above chapters, please contact us on our forum or by using the contact form on the main site! The main site and the official post is here.

We have also picked up the sequel Giyoku no Symphony but we are going to finish this series first before releasing any of the sequel.

Thank you for reading and we hope to bring the last few chapters of this series to you soon!
Tags: ilegenes, ilegenes chapter 27, ilegenes chapter 28, ilegenes chapter 29, ilegenes chapter 30, raws
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