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Ilegenes series finalized?

Hi! there
Is the first time I post something here (and english isn't my mother language, so If I make a mistake, excuse me and correct me)
well, I was watching a chinese web where the chapters of the "Ilegenes Giyoku no Symphony" were posted...and it has come to the end, but there isn't another news about another arc or part D: Do you think really the ilegenes series end there?

I mean, I know there are the novels, but .___. I don't know the final of the second one (because I couldn't find each of them to buy T___T ) omg I really want to know. Somebody know the end? or know if there'll be another part of Ilegenes?

oh yeah here is the link to the chinese web site:

Tags: fon x jake, ilegenes, ilegenes giyoku no symphony, ilegenes kokuyou no kiseki
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